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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore (2020)

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During this period of time where countries are in lockdown and news reporters are doing their live interviews from home, many business owners are faced with the stark truth of reality that if they do not evolve their business to be available digitally, they will suffer greatly.

We have been receiving a higher influx of enquiries lately which is why we decided to provide more information for business owners who are interested to get started in digital marketing but don’t really want to get too involved in calls (we know).

How do I find digital marketing agencies? More importantly, how do I find the best digital agency for my business?

Now, there the definition of “best digital marketing agency” is subjective. It depends on what you prioritise more. Price, quality, flexibility, speed, etc. Just know that no agency can suit ALL of it. If they say they can, you’ll know that something iffy is up.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the key points that indicate you’ve found the perfect digital marketing agency for yourself.


The Checklist for Finding The Best Digital Marketing Agency

1. What services do they provide that serve your current needs?

Are you looking to increase leads and sales for your health and fitness business? Or you run a product-based eCommerce business and need someone experienced to run ads effectively for you.

This sounds like you might be looking for social media advertising services. But all digital marketing companies include different tactics and services in the Service offered.

It is important to understand what the agency’s services actually cover. It would be a pity to pay let’s say $2,000 per month and realise that they don’t help you to reply to potential leads enquiries for you.


2. Do they explain what they can do for you or just trying to sell you something?

Many times, business owners know they need XX but after a call with us, we find out that what they need isn’t actually true.

For example, people want to get sales without spending too much money on ads and they want it to grow on its own organically. We have a service for that called Social Media Management.

But without ads (Social Media Marketing), it is extremely difficult to get initial sales because as mentioned, it is organic. That means it’ll be slow and for the long-term where the strategy focuses on building an engaged community (it in itself is difficult already) then offering them the service/product from the standpoint of someone they trust. Due to the nature of a long-term strategy, it can also lead to a cashflow problem.

That’s why Social Media Marketing and Management always come hand in hand for most cases.

If the person on the other end of the call doesn’t explain things like that to you, and a deal is signed, you might experience some regret with many questions left unanswered.


3. Pricing is reasonable for your potential revenue or budget.

Pricing is definitely one of the top-of-the-list priorities for most businesses which makes sense. It’s crucial to understand that digital marketing is basically an investment into your own business because essentially, the goal is to increase your bottom-line.

It’s normal to want to get the best price for yourself. But it is also true that you get what you pay for.

So this brings me back to a point I made in the first section:

It depends on what you prioritise more. Price, quality, flexibility, speed, etc. Just know that no agency can suit ALL of it. If they say they can, you’ll know that something iffy is up.

Would you pay more for quality or flexibility or speed? Or is price more important than those? There are no wrong answers here, just the wrong fit. There are agencies whose style is to serve as many customers as possible. They get many customers due to competitive/low prices. Which means to stay afloat, they would need to do it in volume. This can possibly compromise on quality, uniqueness of your strategy, and speed.


4. Does the person have the character traits of a good partner?

The character of the person says a lot about their work ethic and the quality you’re actually getting for the services you pay for. Working with an agency is like a partnership. There will be times of compromise and understanding, and what can go wrong will go wrong (Murphy’s Law).

The character of who you’re partnering with is a precursor of how the person will deal with difficult times in the partnership. Thus, beyond results and quantitative analysis when you’re hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore, you should consider the character of the agency as well.



In a nutshell, there’s no best digital marketing agency out there, just the best one for you. Contact us today via our contact form and let us help you where you need help most!

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