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What is Social Media Marketing?

When you’re investing money into something, the #1 thing you want to get is a positive ROI. And that is what we do. A well-thought and brilliantly executed ad campaign can steer you clear from unnecessary loss, and make great profits.

We offer 2 Social Media Marketing packages: Alpha & Beta.

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Facebook pixel installation
Ads approval from FB
Create & run ad campaigns
Manage ads
Optimise ads
Consultation on sales funnel optimisation
Consultation on ad campaign strategy
Brainstorm offers
Brainstorm marketing angles
Monthly reporting

All we need from you are the creatives (video and/or images) and copy.


Everything in BETA
Graphic Design
Video Editing
Copywriting for Ad Creative
Copywriting for Ad Copy

All we need from you are the raw media files (video and/or images).

How to receive the free $100?

The USD$100 ad credit will automatically be deposited into your ad budget bank account when you have signed the agreement to engage us for social media marketing services (either Alpha or Beta) + successfully made payment for the 1st Invoice.

IMPORTANT: Terms & Conditions

1. Eligible only for new clients of Digital Alpha Agency's Social Media Marketing services (Alpha or Beta).
2. Currency is in United States Dollars (USD).
3. USD$100 will be automatically deposited into the ad budget account.
4. The free USD$100 will only be used for ad expenses managed by Digital Alpha Agency.
5. The free USD$100 will be used for the 1st month of running ads, and prior to the client's ad budget top-up.
6. Every client (company name) can only redeem this offer once.
7. The new client will receive the USD$100 only upon signing of the agreement and successful payment of the 1st Invoice.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Be Worth A Damn with us.

1. A creative Gen-Z team who grew up in this digital age.

2. Specialised in social media marketing for eCommerce, and health & fitness service businesses.

3. Efficient team with direct communications with the person running the ads for you.

4. Professional ad campaigns that are strategic, effective, and most importantly - bring you leads & sales that make a difference to your bottom-line.

5. FREE USD$100 ad credits for you to use to get results from ads with.

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